Reward Animation for MischaApp

The iOS developer, Mischa Lewis-Norelle reached out ot me to generate a set of images that would make up an animation in his Portfolio application for the iPhone (links to project’s github). This animation is played when a user donates money through the application.

Mischa and I brainstormed together. I suggested a side-scrolling cityscape with Mischa’s sprite (provided by the client) running alongside. After a few quick proprietary sketches, I came up with the following concept (click for PSD):

There are three distinct animations:

  1. A moving silhouetted city-scape
  2. A rising (and spinning) sun w/ rays
  3. A running (and money throwing) sprite

I provided the image files to my client for use within the application. If you’d like to see it in action, you can follow the development at the github link below:

All images were source from PixaBay – no attribution required.

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