Discuss.IO Video Tutorials

Empowering self-learning of the Discuss.io platform

As the User Experience Designer at Discuss.IO, it is my responsibility to reduce the amount of effort needed to learn how to use the market research interviewing application. To alleviate the pains of first-time users as well as give an overview of the various features that Discuss has to offer, I created a series of getting started videos.

You can find an archive of these videos here: https://discussio.wistia.com/projects/7kzj7icq91

These videos were originally displayed on this page:


I developed and designed the above webpage around the video content that I had generated. Hosting these videos on Wistia allowed for email collection after each video. I connected this functionality with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Intercom.IO so that we could monitor and reach out to our first time users.

The column to the right of the overview video contains a link to our first-time user guide – a series of emails that I generated to give additional help (as well as a supportive incentive) in using our product.

For more information about the first-user guide see this post

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