The Key Chainz

Designing an accessible home entry device

About The Project

Personal property is valuable

Maintaining access to personal property can cause frustration because users have inadequate tools for securing their belongings and protecting themselves reliably and affordably. As a result, our team is designing a home entry system that helps users achieve their goal of effortless security.

Our entry system consists of a keypad receiver and a key fob or mobile phone transmitters that can be use to unlock the deadbolt on a door hands free.

More detail process available on the project blog:

Design Process

The Key Chainz utilized a user-centered design process to develop an Accessible Home Entry device


Research findings were our first step in the design process. Through an in-depth literature review, we gathered information on creating secure access


We combined our individual design sketches and storyboards to generate a preliminary concept of our access system


We developed wireframes and physical prototypes to present to users. With their evaluation and feedback, we made necessary changes to our product

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