DES Alertsystem: Changelog

Version 3-2:

  • Added new slider for the front page
    Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.10.43 PM
  • Added logos for various associations
    block-whcde_100 conveyux-logo

Version 3-1:

Added to front end:

  • Picture to represent the system instead of words
  • Category List

Moved the timestamp reference (Version 3 bug) to its own database so that it can be changed by hand or referred to in the administrator console.

Removed useless code and cleaned up user database searching (current implementation limits at 100 users. Can easily be changed if I give my application more database searches – that costs $)

Alerts only get sent out some of the time – Events that are considered dangerous are getting deleted before they can be sent out (fixed in Version 3-2)

Version 3:

Developed front end (Front page and settings page):

Timestamp to check data from is hardcoded into (fixed in version 3-1)
Alerts only get sent out some of the time (fixed in Version 3-2)

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