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Work Experience

A Human Centered Design Practitioner

Product Designer


• Conducting user research to investigate problem spaces and validate assumptions within next generation market research technology
• Involving internal and external stakeholders in an iterative design practice to define requirements and generate Agile engineering specifications
• Creating personas, user stories, mockups, prototypes and any other necessary artifacts to carry out the User Centered Design process

User Experience and Business Systems Designer/Developer


• Designed and specified universal implementations to business and development needs within the Discuss.io application and vendor/provider platforms
• Coordinated internal and external communication with the sales team to merge the development and marketing ends of the sales funnel (emails, trainings, release notes, ads, and on-page SEO)
• Acted as the front-end developer for an expanding engineering team to become fluent in PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and video streaming technology (WebRTC)

MakerSpace UX and Front End Development

CoMotion MakerSpace

• Developed an online and real-world collaborative space for ``Makers`` at the University of Washington
• Designed and coordinated MakerSpace brand assets (incl. websites, graphics and external documentation) for marketing and educational purposes
• Generated internal processes and documentation to enhance the Maker experience
• Coordinated with CoMotion social media and marketing efforts to create a coherent brand that focuses on student entrepreneurship and independent learning

User Experience Intern


• Holistically evaluated usability and user constraints of an innovative market research software platform
• Developed software solutions for a business-to-business web application using PHP, jQuery and CLI scripts
• Designed mockups, wireframes and specifications for front-end applications based on customer need
• Published user support documents and developer-oriented documentation

Data Analyst and Qualitative Coder

University of Washington - Human Centered Design and Engineering

• Worked under the direction of Kate Starbird in her research group, ``Researching at the Intersection of Social Media and Disasters: Tracing the Spread of Misinformation after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing``
• Generated data reports and analyses based on queries over large volumes of data
• Investigated and developed an understanding for patterns within a set of qualitative data
• Qualitatively coded thousands of tweets into relevant categories for subsequent analysis

Student Technical Assistant Lead

University of Washington - Department of Surgery

• Provided administrative and end‐user technical support for Surgery IT operations and internal help desk functions
• Managed student technical team by monitoring and scheduling work tickets and problem solutions
• Recommended and developing areas of improvement for the Surgery IT help desk
• Designed and developed internal infrastructures such as multiple inner-departmental wikis and associated web applications (i.e. phone directories)

Information Technology Intern

NuScale Power Ltd.

• Gained experience with technical support and a fast paced corporate environment.
• Became well versed with interactions with upper and lower management in a start up company.
• Conducted research of upcoming MDM technologies.
• Provided client support assistance for Windows machines and attached devices.
• Continued interactions with senior management to provide personal accessibility to experienced Engineers.

Technical Director of Musical

Mercy High School

• Coordinated and configured computer software and audio hardware to orchestrate entire musicals
• Combined MIDI keyboard data with a multiple virtual instruments to create a unique orchestral sound
• Synced the orchestration and sound effects to the stage actions of Les Misérables and Grease

DJ, Writer and Editor

KEXP / Rainy Dawg Radio

• Produced new and relevant content for blog.kexp.org and blog.rainydawg.org
• Maintained a multi-media content schedule of rotating thematic series which focus on different time periods and musical tastes
• Elected as Editor of the Rainy Blawg in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years to manage staffing, scheduling and formatting
• Curated daily content from a diverse student staff with a focus on new music, entertainment, and un-signed artists.
• Covered new music, artists, and live events (including the 2014 Capitol Hill Block Party) with a focus on descriptive musical journalism
• Collaborated with staff, volunteer coordinators, and photographers to coordinate and design a cohesive content creation and consumption experience

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During my undergraduate education, I became enveloped in the study of human-computer interaction. Through my studies in mathematics, software development, and user-centered design, I have found that ubiquitous computing will lead to success in art, science, and education. People use digital artifacts every day. Those that are significant provide practical and navigable solutions to problems provided by their users.

As a Human Experience Designer, I generate such solutions.

In the fall of 2014, I studied computer science, software development, and design at AIT-Budapest. I was mentored by the great Ernö Rubik (Rubik’s Cube, creator), Ernö Duda (SOLVO BioTech, founder), and Gábor Bojár (Graphisoft, founder) to expand my international view of the user experience.

Since returning from Hungary and graduating from the University of Washington, I have exited the realm of Enterprise IT – focusing on design and development in the Seattle startup community.


Honors and Awards

Projects, Panels and Presentations

Developed Prep50 – the winning venture of AfricaTown Cultural Innovation Founders

Designer & Co-Organizer

Seattle's Social Justice Hackathon

Designed and organized a Hackathon and Demo Day at Seattle University’s School of Law and Seattle’s City Hall, respectively


ConveyUX Seattle

Showcased the DES Alert System to the Seattle UX Community

Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America

Designed and developed home-made electronic whiteboards for Mercy High School


2014 Paul Allen Computing Challenge

Acted as an academic resource for HS students interested in Big Data

Scholarship Winner

2015 PSRF Conference

Attended professional market research event @ Boeing’s Museum of Flight

Dean's List & Diversity Scholar

University of Washington

Scholarship status awarded based on GPA
Cum: 3.65     Major: 3.89

Competitive Scholar

Foresters Competitive Scholarship Program

Scholarship winner since 2012 – granted yearly